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Naturalist guided dive or snorkel

Bonaire boasts the healthiest coral reefs of the Caribbean and these reefs contain the most diverse fish population of the Tropical Atlantic region. According to the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF), more than 500 species have been identified on Bonaire.

For divers and snorkelers it is not easy to know what they see. In the beginning it is just – wow! But then you look better and see differences between the species. Not only the different sizes, shapes and colors, but also differences in behavior. When you start noticing that, it is time to contact a naturalist to ask what it is all about.

Underwater naturalist Blue Tang

A whole new world opens up for you when the naturalist takes you on a dazzling computer presentation covering the more common reef creatures. You learn that color is not always distinctive, since quite a few species can change color in a snap. You also learn what to expect when you see specific behavior, which makes it easier to see more and get more out of your snorkel or dive.

After the academic presentation the naturalist takes you out for a guided dive or snorkel. Now you can put your newly acquired fish ID skills to use!

And guess what: your host is also a naturalist who offers this half day program for $40 per person (excluding air).

In a colored description of the fascinating underwater world of Bonaire, The Bonaire Blogger tells us how he developed into a naturalist

"Wietze’s guided snorkeling is a must. Don’t hesitate, just do it. Wietze is a welcoming friendly Dutchman who settled on Bonaire and works as a Naturalist (not naturist (dutch for nudist) as we had to explain several times back home!)

"In a kind of academic presentation that precedes the snorkeling, dive master Wietze discusses the most common fish species of Bonaire and their behavioral characteristics. Hence it is advisable to make an appointment with Wietze at the beginning of your holiday.

After the presentation Wietze takes you to a beautiful location into an impressive fish paradise. Incredible how much more you see and recognize underwater after Wietze’s explanation. In one word: fantastic.

Besides, it’s no punishment to attend the academic presentation in the beautiful house Wietze owns on the hills of Bonaire, with a breathtaking view on the lower part of Bonaire. (he also rents out an apartment on the ground floor of his house!).

Tip: Wietze also provides scenic flights over Bonaire in a 4 seater plane ........ we did not want to miss on this".

Greetings Olaf and Irma from Sittard

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