Bonaire Sea View Apartment

Lonely Planet review: Our Bonaire trip was a great experience, and we hope to go back- maybe move there after we retire!

Trav Buddy: A Room with a View

Thank you for the great hospitality. We enjoyed the view, the garden and the neighborhood. Your survey of the island attractions was excellent; we saw more of the island than ever before.

We hope to see you again

Janet & Paul, July 2014

Comme vous connaissez le francais, voilà un petit mot dans cette belle langue: Vous avez une très jolie maison et vous êtes un hôte très discret ce qui permet à vos "invites"de passer de très agréables moments! La vue, le jardin et l'aménagement de la maison ont été très bien pensés, BRAVO! MERCI ENCORE, NOUS REVIENDRONS BEDANKT!

Nadine & Philippe, January 2014

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and relaxing stay at your apartment. The view morning, day and night is something to behold. Your garden, birds and wildlife are priceless. This is my 5th visit to Bonaire and by far the best. You have been a wonderful host.

Chris, March 2013

Oh No! Departure day ? No Loons, but what an array of birdlife in Wietze's beautifull garden! Tropical Mockingbirds singing to us daily. Oh my, we don't want to leave. Will just have to return and stay longer. We carefully guarded the Emerald Hummingbird nest. Hopefully the babies will live long lives. Thank you Wietze, for your most gracious hospitality and attention to detail. What a delight!

Lisa and Wolfgang, March 2012

Beste Wietze, Wir haben eine wunderbare Woche verbracht. Bonaire und Deiner Gastfreundschaft sei Dank!. Deine vorkommende Bereitschaft Atemluft mit mir mit mir zu teilen in Deine Kapazität als "leading dive instructor" hat diesem Urlaub eine ganz besondere Note verliehen. Herzlichst, Wolfgang, März 2012 Lieber Wietze, Die drei Wochen in Deinem Super Apartment mit dem herrlichemn Blick auf das Meer, die Stadt und deinen wundervollen Garten haben wir sehr genossen und sind wie ein Fluge leider vergangen. Uns hat es an nichts gefelht. Vielen lieben Dank für Deine Gastfreundschaft, die guten Tips zur Insel, Reenel und Rate. Wir wünschen dir eine schöne Zeit und hören voneinand. Bis bald!

Ulrike + Markus, Januari 2012

Thank you Wietze for taking us night snorkeling - it introduced us to a whole new way to view the fish.

The hour lecture/video you presented prior to the night snorkel was so informative. You did a wonderful job of presenting the information - your enthusiasm and passion for the underwater world was definitely evident. The groupings that you put the fish into during your lecture made them easy to remember.

We all wished we would have done the night snorkel earlier in our vacation as additional snorkel trips were much more interesting after your lecture"

Thanks again
Lorreen, Laurie, Lynda and Bill

PS: We loved your apartment, garden and view.

"Gawdalmighty, how bad it feels to leave your apartment, the three weeks have flown! I felt right at home ... what a nice place. But thanks! For among others:
• Showing me the island (read: the various pubs)
• Using your car (read: the swinging nightly rides after drinks)
• The culinary delights (read: daily menu @ City Cafe)
• Meeting different people (read: "hips")
OK, now seriously ...
I enjoyed Bonaire so much. Nature, the beautiful sea, the underwater world (so good you dropped me at Astrid and Chris), the atmosphere, the people, culture, life here is just ... * sigh *
Wietze: you as a host ... Nice, easy, good cook, good drinker (so we liked each other ... haha) Topguy!
Masha Danki! And definitely see you!"

Kim, November 2011

"Unfortunately our time here on Bonaire already is up. For us it was a super dessert after our tour of Ecuador. First we want to thank you for getting our dive gear from the airport so we did not need to drag it on our tour. And then our arrival here. You decorated our house, a nice birthday wellcome!
We've enjoyed the wonderful views, beautiful weather, great diving and the beautiful island. So for us it was way too short and we will definitely return. Wietze thank you very much."

Lauren and Anita, September 2011

"Wietze the best,
Our stay on Bonaire is almost ending . Back again this afternoon with KLM to the Netherlands, where fall -so we understand - has made its appearance: lots of wind and rain, about 15 ? C. What a prospect ...
Bonaire was very nice, as always.
Much diving, snorkeling, sleeping, surfing, how pleasantly clear life sometimes can be.
You and your apartment will stay with us. What a great place this is, on the hill overlooking half of Bonaire. We enjoyed the quiet, the gardens, the vacation, the beds, the birds and your company. Just far enough away from the Kaya Grandi / coastal area it is easy to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle in Holland.
We make you a promise: We would be very happy to come back to you once more!"

Many greetings, Rien and Perry, July 2011

A piece of paradise on earth, that’s what the apartment looked like on the Internet. Upon arrival each word proved right. What a unique and spacious apartment! What a garden, but especially: what a view!
The folding / sliding door makes the apartment so unique. Comfortable beds and a nice shower!
We have enjoyed three days of beautiful Bonaire. We now still have 14 days back on Curacao, but will return definitely. The dives will still remain on the wish list ...

Reuben, Edwin and Ingrid, April 2011

Life is delightful! (Remco Campert)

- This lovely island
- This great apartment
- And last but not least:
our attentive host Wietze!

Charles and Anne, April 2011

What a paradise you created here on Bonaire. Our stay has been short, but nevertheless we have thoroughly enjoyed your apartment, garden and magnificent views. Thanks for the hospitality.

Anna and Cees, February 2011

Good drinking, good talking, good diving! What a top place do you created of your "piece of land on the hill". Home away from home as the Aussies say.
What to do:
- Hunting mosquitoes with 220 v
- Lots of dives
- And especially: don’t forget the East Coast with dive master Wietze
- See hummingbirds and iguanas
- Empty Pinot Grigio’s and Polars at Carels ’s
- Eat a burger at City. And satay
- Eat stoba at Mama Rose
- Get shuffled at Washington Slagbaai
- Lots of fun with the host
- Failure to empty the bin on time ...
- Leave sugar on the countertop, everything in the fridge
- Leave the lights on without closing the door
- Everything that is stressful ...
We had a great time, hate to have to go back! Will be back in August or February 2012!

Martijn and Manja, February 2011

Our 3 week vacation, 1 week in your apartment, is over. Despite the rain we've enjoyed Bonaire, beautiful fish and turtles, a wonderful apartment with a great view.
Wietze, thanks for your hospitality.

Marlies and Marius, December 2010

We missed you Wietze! Now we had to look at the beautiful starry sky, dive at Tori, Karpata, La Dania etc. without you! Next time you will be there again, this time we bravely survived without you!

How pretty your garden has become! When, early in the morning, I sit on the steps with a cup of tea, it’s swarming with hummingbirds that cannot choose which flower to visit first. Plenty of Loras, and also Parakeets, Troupials, Tropical Mockingbirds etc. Pleasure!"

June 2010 Niek and Lenneke

Also thanks to you, we had a great week in Bonaire. It started with a very warm welcome after a long flight. And then the apartment. You rent it from a picture and through intuition, but the reality surpassed all. Perfect location, view, host etc. But the icing on this cake truly was to see the island from above! I hope many of your guests and non-guests will be using this flight. Only then you can really see how awesomely beautiful and varied Bonaire is!
The glass bottom boat is a must too. They offer various trips.
Wietze, thanks and hope to see you.

Dick and Betty, Sept. 2010

"A wonderful week on Bonaire. Certainly thanks to this beautifully situated apartment too. What a view! The beautiful garden and a lodging with all comfort. We will surely remember this address and tell everybody about it.Wietze, thanks and all the best."

We are sorry we did not meet you (and reading the previous stories in this guest book we really missed out on that), but still we had a great time. It was more than value for our money. We almost started to look down on the people in those small oceanfront apartments .
Beautiful island, breathtaking underwater world, awesome apartment and view! Thank you! We will surely come back and I am going to recommend it to all my colleagues

June 2010, Aafke and Marije

Harry & Ria, mei 2010

What a party!
Thanks to my dear friends Jenni and Gert I had a fantastic vacation! I really needed that.
It was so good to sleep in the apartment of this magnificent house with Cedric (the youngest). The atmosphere and the flagrants of Bonaire are very special, and the sea with all the changing colors, a never ending story…

After a communal breakfast we went swimming almost every day. Good for you Ineke to warn us: water shoes and sun block. Still we all roasted our skins the very first day: the sun is so powerful here!
The view from the porch is incomparably awesome. Not one moment the same, the changing skies, rain, sunset, blue – so.. blue with small white clouds.

July/August 2010 Wil

All good things end, even this wonderful month on Bonaire. I really enjoyed my stay “chez Wietze”. Nice house on the hill, magnificent view over Kralendijk, the sea and, last but not least, a perfect host! I do not dive, but snorkeling turned out to be a very good alternative.My great passion, planes, also got a chance. Twice we did the sightseeing trip around the island! At the end came the official flight instruction with Roy. Thank you Wietze for arranging it. I will miss Bonaire and everything it has to offer.

"I’m sitting on the porch. Breeze around the legs, coffee at the table and looking at the beautifully landscaped garden that invites us to come back in 6 months to have a look how nice it will have grown. Hummingbirds, Parakeets, Mocking Birds, Lora’s and even a Caracara passed by, loudly greeted by the Parakeets.
Staying in Wietze’s apartment is always a party, a mix between coming home and vacation. Diving remains a favorite spending of time: we thoroughly enjoyed it again and we plan on enjoying it many times to come. Thank you very much, Wietze, its so good to be here."

Lenneke - June 2009

November 2008 - Paul 

“What do you do when you fall in love” Because that’s what happened to me. Where can I wake up at sunrise and see the lights of Kralendijk extinguish slowly? Where are afternoons so hot and the sea so close? Where can you enjoy the cool after sunset and the awesome clouds in the sky. Where are people as friendly and relaxed? Its here on this hill in this apartment. Of course we did some diving and snorkeling, and visited the Washington Slagbaai national park.

The incredible pureness of the landscape, the abundant greenness, we enjoyed it. We met two donkeys, a big curious iguana, some goats and a wild hog coming out of a mud pool and running away with shiny balls.
An awesome bird trip with Jerry, a mangrove tour with Waldo and, again with Jerry, a fish identity class, they were all the instructive part of this vacation. Wietze, you may stay. Thanks for being you

Marie-Anne - November 2008

"It is fantastic to be here. Sitting on the porch you see so many birds already! As a goodbye gift I saw a lora today and not only parakeets. I rejoice already the time when the garden is fully grown. We did many dives and saw wonderful fish and corals. What a lovely island to spend our holidays. Now we have to pack and go home, but we will come again!!"

Niek and Lenneke

Three fantastic weeks in a magnificent house! We enjoyed sitting on the porch, eating at the long table, enjoyed the view and each other!
To wake up by the dogs, the donkeys (sometimes 11) and the birds or the drops on your face during a violent rainstorm… it was all fantastic!

I thought I would miss my garden in Hardenberg, not so! I did some work in your garden, weeding, pruning etc. I hope you like the results.
We discovered many beautiful swimming and snorkeling spots, e.g. Jeff Davis, a private beach. Every night we looked at the stars and were amazed to see 5 to 8 falling stars per night. Awesome! You will undoubtedly see what we whished for!

Masha danki,

July/August 2010 Jenni and Gert

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