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“A piece of paradise on earth, thus it looked on the internet. Upon arrival we found that every word of this was correct. What a spacious and uniquely situated app! What a garden, but first of all, what a view! The folding / sliding door makes the app. so unique. Lovely beds and a great shower! We enjoyed three days of beautiful Bonaire. We now have 14 days back to Curacao, but we will definitely return. The dives will still remain on the wish list ...

Snorkel with the naturalist Naturalist guided dive or snorkel.
For divers and snorkelers it is not easy to know what they see. In the beginning it is just – wow! But then you look better and see differences between the species. Not only the different sizes, shapes and colors, but also differences in behavior. When you start noticing that, it is time to contact a naturalist to ask what it is all about. Read more....
Diving and snorkelling
The pristine reefs of Bonaire with its diverse marine life are unique to the Caribbean. Of the 10 top sites for fish diversity in the Western Tropical Atlantic, 7 are located on Bonaire. Bonaire has a fringing reef that surrounds the entire island. The shallow terraces are a true paradise for snorkelers and divers alike. The reef system is a protected national park. On the leeward Western side of Bonaire there are many places where it is easy to just walk in the water from the shore and dive, or snorkel! That is one of the reasons why Bonaire was voted Best Shore Diving Destination in the World.

Bird watching
Bonaire's unique location off the Venezuelan coast attracts migratory birds in transit between North and South America. Bird watchers can also observe various species only found in this part of the Caribbean, such as the yellow-shouldered parrot. Bonaire officially has over 200 species of birds that have been sighted here. Join one of the Nature Tours with a resident expert

One of the popular water sports on Bonaire is kayaking. The stable sit on top kayak is easy to learn, it only takes a basic instruction. Guided mangrove tours are a nice leisurely way of enjoying kayaking on Bonaire, but you may also rent one to paddle to Klein Bonaire and go snorkeling there.

Cave exploration
Bonaire boosts over 200 caves. The caves are pristine ancient wonders, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and some with lakes and tunnels. You can even snorkel in the crystal clear underground lakes.
The cave systems are not accommodated with railings, paved paths or lights. It is a bit of a challenge to explore them: the only light is the one you carry, bats are flying around, and you will have to climb a little. But a guide is there to help you. Bring sturdy shoes, no flip flops. Its fun!
Caribbean Speleological Society Tours

Mountain biking

Mountain biking
A perfect way to see Bonaire is on mountain- or tour bike.. See miles of unspoiled beauty, plants and birds, breathtaking vistas overlooking the Caribbean. There are over 300 kilometers of unpaved roads and many more paved roads to explore. Trail maps are available for those wanting to venture out on their own. A perfect way to spend a day. There are several places where you can rent mountain bikes to go by yourself. But you can also choose to do a guided trip.

Windsurfing Bonaire

You could not ask for a better spot to go windsurfing than Lac Bay on the East coast of Bonaire. The ever present trade winds combined with a sheltered shallow bay are perfect for experts and novices alike. That is why the top of the world free style windsurfers has quite some Bonairean people in their ranks. Sorobon is where it happens. You can chill out on the beach and look at the pro’s practicing, or try for yourself!
The Frans Paradise

Kite boarding

Kite boarding
The same trade winds that cater the windsurfers are used by the kite surfers at Atlantis, at the South West side of the island. Wind, warm water and an easygoing atmosphere attract kite boarders of all levels to Bonaire.

Climbing & rappelling
For those who cannot live without altitude Bonaire offers some spectacular cliffs to climb or to rappel down.
A bit easier is hiking/climbing Brandaris Hill (241 meters/784 feet) in the Washington Slagbaai park. This is the highest point on Bonaire, it offers a panoramic vista of the island. A footpath leads from the parking lot up the ridge. The round-trip walk takes about 2 to 3 hours. Once at the top, you can see almost the entire island and also catch a glimpse of Curacao on the western horizon. On exceptionally clear days, even Venezuela is visible.

Eco sailing in Bonaire's waters is an unforgettable experience, not only because of its natural beauty and superb sailing conditions but also because of the real chance to encounter dolphins and other marine mammals. You have the opportunity of renting different types of sailboats. If you have no sailing experience you can still enjoy being on the water. There are several instructors who will take you out on a sailing trip.
Bonaire is one of the best bone fishing destinations in the world. But it also offers excellent deep sea fishing. Catch your own Tuna or Wahoo. Several times a year Bonaire organizes fishing tournaments.
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